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Strength training is not all about building your body up to be lean and mean, it’s about muscular and skeletal strength as well as improving balance and coordination. This is especially important as we get older and want to stay mobile, have less injuries and of course, look great. In our strength classes you’ll use a mix of body weight, dumbbells, suspension training, medicine balls and other equipment in and around the park.


Probably our most popular classes, the cardio sessions offer a great variety when it comes to promoting one’s aerobic fitness. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens your heart, lowers blood pressure, helps regulate weight and aids in a good nights' sleep. Here you can expect a combination of skipping, running, agility drills and fun circuits during a session.


High Intensity Interval Training is similar to our cardio sessions but will also introduce weights and really give you a tough workout. You can, of course, go at your own pace but expect to be seriously pushed and find out how far you can go at a training session.


Working on a fit-ball (Swiss-ball) is not only a fun way to work on your fitness, but you will also improve core strength, master your balancing skills and get stronger. You will require your own fit-ball for these sessions, talk to GTM if you require further information or assistance in obtaining the right ball for you.


Our kick-boxing sessions are one-stop-shopping for all your fitness needs. Here you will get a full body workout as well as improve strength, cardio, balance, coordination while releasing any pent-up frustrations from the day. You will be coached on proper technique, develop some great skills and have a whole lot of fun working in a group environment.


As we train our bodies it is also very important to keep them flexible. Our stretch sessions will help you to maintain a good range of motion in your joints, assist with muscle recovery from your other training sessions and improve overall physical performance.

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