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Simon Dower

I have been very focussed on my own personal fitness for most of my adult life. With a background of martial arts, gym training, power lifting, mountain bike racing, road bike racing, running, trail running and fencing; I’ve thrown myself right into a lot of different things in my time and loved all of them. Several years ago, after becoming jaded with my long-term career, my wife suggested that I become a personal trainer to help inspire and train others to reach their personal goals. This was a life changing moment for me and I have never looked back. I truly love helping others get faster, leaner, stronger or even if it’s as simple as being able to assist someone to perform a single push-up where they couldn’t before; that’s a huge win. Outdoor training is something that I have done myself at various locations around Melbourne, and although there are advantages to gym training, there’s something about outdoor training that really trumps it; and that’s the people. You just can’t get that level of friendliness, support and camaraderie at the majority of gyms, but it’s there in abundance when you attend group outdoor training.

Emily Hobson

Hi I’m Emily! I’m very excited to be joining Simon and his team as an assistant trainer at Group Training Melbourne. I have worked as an outdoor group trainer for the last 12 years, as both a business owner and assistant trainer. I currently work at a number of venues running sessions in HIIT, Strength, Boxing, flexibility and recovery. I love working with people and have trained clients of all ages and fitness levels. I have always enjoyed playing sport, at school athletics was my thing, I played many years of women’s cricket, both outdoors and indoor, of recent times I’ve really enjoyed the benefits I get from practising yoga and strength training. I got into personal training after having my children as it gave me the flexibility to both work and run a family. It was truly the best thing I ever did, and I get to work outdoors all year round!!! My goal is to motivate, inspire and encourage my clients to reach their individual health and fitness goals and most importantly to have fun while we do it! I’m really looking forward to training and getting to know you all. As I always say, “Smile as we work”.

Gaynor Ireland

My name is Gaynor Ireland. I have been a personal trainer for 14 years. I was a client of an outdoor training group for 6 years and then I thought maybe I could do this for a living, so I set about to get my qualifications.. A lot of people said I was crossing to the dark side!!!! ha ha. I have loved this new career path. Helping clients with their health and fitness and reaching their goals has been very rewarding. I love the comradery of group training and support to each other in group training. I have met so many wonderful people and have formed lasting friendships. My interests are running and keeping fit of course. My best achievements were running a marathon and completing Oxfam which I am very proud of. I love eating out and love my red wine and gin (naughty naughty!!!)


Hi, I’m Jess! I grew up playing lots of sports and have always loved being active and outdoors. After leaving school I went to SEDA for a year where I played a lot of netball while learning about the fitness industry! But after a trip to Europe, eating all the pizza and pasta I could find, it was time to get back into my fitness journey and this is where my passion for health and fitness really sparked. I became obsessed with the feeling of being healthy and happy that it didn’t take long before I decided I wanted to help as many people as I could to feel this way whether its strength, speed or flexibility! I got qualified as a Personal Trainer and have been an assistant trainer across a number of venues for 2 years. What I love about group training is no two sessions are ever the same and there is never a dull moment when training with a group of legends. I can’t wait to be training with the team at Group Training Melbourne and to see how I can help you smash your fitness goals!

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